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Level Red Boxing Is


Free Gloves At Every Level

IT'S NO SECRET results are achieved from setting goals and knocking them right out. Things don't just happen, and thats where Level Red Boxing comes in. LEVEL RED BOXING IS MOTIVATION.

The Glove Levels give you something easy to work toward. You won't be able to keep yourself from wanting to get your sweat on and hit the bag. Just wait until you're a few classes away from the next glove level. That's when you'll really feel it...the excitement and motivation building to that landmark workout! Every level-up is celebrated and at each new level you'll be able to see and feel real results.

We all start somewhere...

And at Level Red Boxing we all start GREEN.

New to excercise or an ultra-athlete, when you join you are given your very own green gloves. The first goal is set nd your're not alone. Our motivators are ready to take you to the next level. It's time to slide your green gloves on and start leveling up your workouts.

You're on your way...

At 100 classes you level up to YELLOW. Toss those green gloves aside and put on your new yellow gloves. You earned it! You'll see and feel massive improvements in your strength, core stability, and cardio-vascular endurance.

We urge our members to hit level yellow in 6 months and we motivate you every punch along the way.

You are strong...

Put on the coveted RED gloves.

Reaching 200 classes is no easy task, but between our motivators and the amazing LRB community, members are earning RED gloves in less than a year. The Changes in your body and to your confidence will blow you away. You've knocked out your goals and proven that you are STRONG AT EVERY LEVEL. It doesn't stop here. Now the party really starts.

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