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Try Your First Class Free*

We understand trying something for the first time can be intimidating. Once you meet our motivators and you slip on a set of gloves you'll forget you were ever worried in the first place. Never taken a class before, watch our short video that shows you exactly what you can expect from your first Level Red Boxing experience.

Ready to get started?

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Getting Ready For Your First Class

Arrive 20 minutes early to meet your motivator. Bring a waterbottle and wear comfortable workout clothing. Once you arrive we will take it from there. We'll wrap your hands, show you the moves and explain what you'll be doing during your workout. Our motivators are with you every punch along the way.

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Stay motivated. Book clases. Check your progress on your way to Red Gloves.

This Workout Is For Everybody

After the core and flexibility cool down, be prepared for a feeling like no other. That "wow, what just happened?" and the "I need to do that again!" You just completed your first Level Red Boxing class with a diverse community of people taking part in the best workout experience there is. Keep coming and keep leveling up your workouts. You'll reach Level Red before you know it.

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