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Winter Motivation

It's hibernation season, but just for the bears... not you! Don't let a little frozen H2O keep you from getting some cardio or weight lifting in. I know we're all missing summer and that nice warm sunshine... but fret not! It'll be back in a jiffy. In the meantime, let's stay motivated.

Since the days are shorter, it definitely can be difficult to wake up earlier to get that workout in. Try going to the gym after work instead! At Level Red Boxing, we offer classes in the evenings to help accommodate to people's schedules. If that doesn't work for you, try setting small goals to getting up earlier each day to help train your internal body clock that you want to get up.

Curious to learn more about Level Red Boxing Classes? Stop by for a visit and learn that YOU ARE STRONG AT ANY LEVEL.

Make yourself healthy energy treats to keep your spirits up for each work out. Peanut butter dark chocolate balls are always a fan favorite and so quick and easy to make! And if you don't want to go the healthy route, perhaps treat yourself a couple times a week after multiple workout sessions to keep you motivated and in the loop with the traditional treats!

Another powerful motivator during these winter months is to prep your body for beach season. I know what you're thinking, "It just started to snow, I have plenty of time..." You're right. You do have plenty of time, so why not start now instead of putting it off? The longer you put it off the shorter period of time you'll have to get beach bod ready! Don't be a procrastinator! Our trainers at Level Red Boxing are great motivators and are ready to help you achieve your goals!

Lastly, a great motivator is having someone to workout with. Having that workout buddy pushing you to reach your goals and helping you keep accountable is so invigorating. It boosts your average workout up, making it more fun and interactive. At Level Red Boxing, you'd meet great people with similar goals and similar ambitions. Every person pushes each other to become their best and is a cheerleader for their classmates. Comradery and friends build and there is no greater motivation than being a team player.

Let us prove to you that you can be STRONG AT ANY LEVEL.

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