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The Before and After Pic

Motivation is key to pursuing anything and everything in life. It's what makes people chase goals, follow dreams, and improve themselves. There are different kinds of motivation, the one that dwindles the fastest for most in people is "Self-Motivation".

Fitness goals can be difficult to achieve when you have little to no motivation. One thing I've noticed lately, is that people are posting before and after pictures on social media. These images track their fitness goals. Each time they reach a goal, they post an image of their results. These photos can be quite inspiring, especially when the results are dramatic. Seeing these images can be super motivating!

Interested in trying this out for yourself? Here's some tips on how to:

  1. Take pictures before your journey. These will be your "BEFORE" pictures. A. Wear something you feel comfortable in but will show the areas of your body you're working to improve. B. While standing, take a photo with your arms out straight from your sides with your legs apart. C. Take this photo from 4 angles. One from the front, one from each side, and one from the back.
  2. Work hard!
  3. Take a picture at the same date of each month!
  4. Compare your results!

Remember that even small progress is still progress! Join Level Red Boxing and see that progress come to life!

Let us prove to you that you can be STRONG AT ANY LEVEL.

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