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Get Salty About Soreness

Do you find yourself cramping up like crazy? Perhaps you're not keeping yourself hydrated enough? Or maybe you don't have enough salt in your diet? Yes, there is such thing as too little sodium in your diet- especially when you're working out.

Being an athlete, as you work out you release sweat from your body. Within that sweat, you are giving off sodium to help cool your body down. However, athletes that workout extensively tend to forget to replenish their sodium levels- leading them to retain less water during their workouts and causing fatigue and cramping.

Salt helps to regulate muscle contraction, nerve function and blood volume. It also regulates fluid levels throughout your body. It helps our cells to absorb all the vital nutrients they need to function, and it is also required for healthy muscle and nerve activity.

To help maintain healthy sodium levels there are options:

  1. A combination of salty foods or snacks and electrolyte-rich drinks may be preferable for keeping sodium levels up.

  2. Drinking pickle juice has been known to help with cramping.

  3. Taking Epson Salt baths are known to help reduce cramping in muscles.

But be warned, you must be careful to monitor your salt intake in order to avoid excess.

Interested in trying some rehydrating supplements? Here's some we recommend for beginners:


Most people can get enough salt within their natural daily diet. It's recommended that you speak with your doctor first before making any drastic changes to your normal routine.

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