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Single Leg Deadlift

Time to work that booty! Focus on those glutes with the help of a kettlebell- single legged deadlifts. This workout will be sure to leave you a bit sore the next morning. It can be a challenging exercise to perform and requires good core strength as well as balance and coordination to perform.

This move is popular in lower-body training for strength and muscle building, but also trains balance, grip, and the core muscles. It also helps improve mobility through the hips, legs, and back for better movement skills and posture.

Does this sound like the workout for you? Here's how:


  1. Stand with your feet together.

  2. Plant the working foot and press hard into the ground.

  3. Slide the unloaded leg back behind you until it is slightly hovering off the ground.

  4. Straighten the back leg, dorsiflex the foot, and push through the heel.

  5. While maintaining a flat back with squared hips and shoulders, inhale a breath and begin to slowly hinge at the hips.

  6. Begin to bend the working side knee more for a deeper hinge and push farther back with the straight leg for more muscle recruitment of the hamstrings, glutes, and quads.

  7. After reaching the bottom position, pause for a second to work balance. Then use a power breath to return to standing position by pressing hard into the ground and fully extending the hips.

  8. Pause at the top of each repetition in a single leg "standing plank", then repeat for desired reps.

Be sure to start off with lighter bells so you don't hurt your wrists or legs at first. If you attend one of our classes our detailed trainers would be happy to help show you the proper way to perform this move. We believe you're strong at every level!

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