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Throwing the Perfect Punch

Boxing is all about strategy, repetition, and a strong mentality. But to be a great boxer, you must first master throwing the perfect punch. If you are a visual or hands-on learner, I would best recommend coming to a boxing session at Level Red Boxing as opposed to reading it here. However, for you book worms interested, here are a few steps towards getting that perfect punch:

  • First set up your stance- Put your dominant foot behind you (whichever hand you write with — that foot) and spread your feet shoulder-distance apart, as if they are on different sides of a train track.

  • Ensure that your toes are facing your opponent and that your knees are bent to give you optimum stability.

  • Make sure your fists in your gloves are properly made- Starting with a flat hand, roll your fingers toward your palm like you're holding a hammer, then fold your thumb over the outside. Be sure to avoid placing your thumb sandwiched between your finger and palm. Throwing a punch set up like that could lead to a broken hand or even a dislocated thumb.

  • Twisting and thrusting - Start the twist at your dominant foot, turn the heel and your body, and extend your punch. When you're extended, your pinky knuckle should be higher than your first two. This makes your shoulder rotate which covers your chin for good defense.

  • Breathe- Keep your base solid so you don't throw all your weight into the punch and go tumbling forward. Be sure to exhale with each punch, making it a more fluid motion.

  • Retracting your punch- After you extend your punch, pull the punch back into your starting position using your bicep and twisting your body back into the original position.

If you have any questions or need some guidance on your boxing journey. Level Red Boxing offers a knowledgeable staff that are all ready and waiting to help you achieve your goals.

Curious to learn more about Level Red Boxing Classes? Stop by for a visit and learn that YOU ARE STRONG AT ANY LEVEL.

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