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New Year, New You

Cheers to the New Year! There's no better time to start bettering your life and your health than now!

So, let's get started...

First things first, it's best to reflect on your daily diet. Make a list of your unhealthy habits and where are you eating in excess and identify healthier replacements. If you're unsure where to begin, it may be beneficial to schedule a visit with your doctor to see if you need additional dietary assistance- like medication or special vitamins. And don't forget to drink water! Try substituting that iced latte with a cool glass of H2O. Your organs will thank you!

Next, keep a log of your daily movement and exercise for a week and see where you can improve. A healthy person should be taking 10k steps a day and should have at least 50 minutes of routine exercise to maintain a healthy heart. Not sure where to begin? There are lots of fun options for being "active" you just have to find the right activity for you. It could be a yoga class, boxing, running, weight lifting, or even just a walk around the block.

Now let's take a look at your stress levels... Oooo... yes, this is a less fun one to think about. Stress plays a huge role in both your mental and physical health. When your body feels stress it goes into literal panic mode. The metabolism decreases, weight gain is prominent, hunger is suppressed, headaches become more frequent, and hair loss and skin dullness are also side effects. Organization helps! Make a list of what you want to accomplish and establish a clear path to help you achieve your objectives. Remember to take breaks and fuel your body with the right ingredients to push through your day.

Lastly, take a look at how much you sleep each night. You should be getting a healthy 8 hours of sleep to ensure your body is fully recharged for the next day. I know this is a tough task to take on, especially in this day and age of constant busyness. Just make sure you're giving your body enough rest to be able to function the next day. If you're having a tough time settling down at the end of the day, try having some warm chamomile tea at least 30 minutes before bed time. This tea has been used as a natural remedy to reduce anxiety and calm the nerves.

Now let's take on 2019!

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