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Motor Skills and Boxing

As we age, we tend to slow down- both cognitively and physically. Some reasons for that is due to lack of exercise and lack of mental stimulation.

But what if I said there was a way to keep from slowing down? The secret? Boxing.

The sport is known to be rough and tough, but the training is quite structured and balanced- giving you a well-rounded workout and added mental toughness. Boxing is all about focusing your movements and honing in on your hand-eye coordination. Which in fact helps play an important role in a person's fine motor skills. Individuals with good hand-eye coordination tend to have faster reflexes and reaction times and tend to have better physical coordination. This is particularly important during aging, as coordination and balance become compromised, increasing the risk of falls.

Boxing can help hone hand-eye coordination. When tasked with punching a speed bag (a lightweight boxing bag suspended from a disc that turns and bounces quickly with each punch), or when you're paired up to spar with a partner (practice punching your partner's padded mitts), you must be able to see the target, react to the target, and hit the target, all while the target is moving and changing position. Consistency is key, and with practice your speeds will improve dramatically.

You can start at any age, at any level, with as little to no knowledge of the sport. At Level Red Boxing, our support staff hands you the tools necessary to help you start your health journey. Our facility will literally offer you boxing gloves with each passing level of accomplishment!

Build your skills and confidence with our dedicated team today! Let us prove to you that you're strong at any level!

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