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Mental Health Session

Are you stressed? Going through a hardship? Maybe a bad break up? First, I'm sorry to hear that. Secondly, are you remembering to take care of yourself? It's important that you are! No one truly knows what you're going through but you. Are you not sure how to cope? We've got an idea for you…

Have you tried boxing? Perhaps not competitively, but at least punching a bag? It's truly a physical movement that engages your muscles and tunes into your emotions. You body thrusting forward in each punch forces a different kind of strength the body didn't know it had. It allows your primal instincts to come out in a controlled movement. This workout is both wonderful for your body's health and your cognitive health. Being in sync with every movement and having control over your throws allows a person to feel stronger and more in tune with one's self. Sometimes having something to punch is good just to get the anger or the emotion out in a non-violent way.

Being able to box also helps give you a reason to leave the house if you haven't in a while. It gives you a reason to interact with new people and to bond over similar life experiences. It also gives you a new sense of internal strength as well as performing physical strength in a whole new way.

I know this new idea may stress you out because it's foreign to your usual coping mechanisms, but fear not, we have trained professionals at Level Red Boxing here to help show you that you're strong at every level. They'll teach the moves, the workouts, and push you to be the best you can be. They believe in you and the lasting effects that boxing can have on people. So, take the plunge and stop on in for a class!

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