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Meet Our Team

Here at Level Red we aim to provide our boxers with the best-of-the-best trainers, who help motivate and guide you on your path to success! Without them, Level Red Boxing wouldn't be fun! Here's your chance to get to know your trainers a little better.

Meet Cory!

I was conceived on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. My dad, Tim, was a petroleum engineer and my mother, Laura, a nurse. I was born in Houston, TX and soon after that moved to Erie, PA. I have two sisters Bethany and Abby. I started playing sports as soon as I could hold a ball. Actually, I think I was probably thrown in a pool far before any of that. Anyways, I grew up playing sports, you couldn't keep me in the house or out of a pool. Always doing something active in the neighborhood with my sisters and neighbor kids. I played golf, basketball, and softball at McDowell High School. After high school I attended Penn State University, Main Campus, majoring in Public Relations and Sports Journalism. I also played on the club basketball team. After graduating I entered the workforce first working at a bank and then with the Erie Bayhawks. I then decided I would challenge myself physically and mentally and I decided to try heavy highway construction. I worked in construction for nine years learning everything on the job. It was challenging and rewarding all the same. I was building bridges and water treatment plants. I was making a difference. Also during this time, I was a first responder and volunteer firefighter with the West Ridge Fire Department.

I have been instructing at Level Red Boxing now for a little over a year. There is nothing I enjoy more than seeing one of my clients reach their fitness goals. My clients motivate me as much as I try to motivate them. My goal is to create an extremely challenging class that is also a lot fun. Level Red Boxing is about family and reaching our goals together. When I walk into the gym it is like I am coming home.

Fitness has always been a priority in my daily life. Much of what I have learned about fitness was from training for my sports. I've also learned so many things from working out with others and research. I will try anything new. I love to swim, yoga, run, cycle, lift, CrossFit, iRock, box, you name it I'll try it. Fitness to me is like breathing. If I didn't have it, I'm not sure I could survive.

Some of my other hobbies include scuba diving, travelling, fishing, music, and reading. At a very young age I was brainwashed and became a die-hard Penn State Football and Cleveland Indians Baseball fan. I love the New England Patriots mostly because they win, and I like winning. I am also a friend of Bill W. I am the two-time hand-jive champion and a karaoke specialist. I am in love with the ocean. I spend a lot of my spare time on Ambergris Caye, Belize, my second home. My favorite animals are sharks because they are fierce, relentless, predators, and beautiful creatures. I love my friends and family more than words can explain as well as my dog Sam, she is the absolute best friend a girl could have. My favorite food is seafood and my guiltiest pleasure is cheese.

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