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Med Ball Bonus with Core

If with COVID you have not been able to make it into the gym for a group class, LRB has you covered! Did you know LRB VIRTUAL has an entire library of the best at-home workouts that you can perform with or without gear. Start enjoying full body boxing inspired workouts led by real LRB MOTIVATORS.

If you are looking for a killer core workout to engage all your muscles, look no further than Mr. Virtual’ s Med Ball Bonus with Core video! This video is an excellent option if you do not have a ton of time, but want to squeeze a workout in within 22 minutes! The only equipment needed is a medicine ball.

This workout starts with going through a series of exercises using the medicine ball. Plan on burning around 150 calories in the first 14 minutes! The first round, which is 7 minutes, includes the open gated press to overhead squats to single arm medicine ball pushups to horizontal jacks to single leg reverse lunges and toe taps to squat thrust jump press to speed skaters without medicine ball to light high knees and into recovery…Are you sweating yet??

Round 2 is another high intensity 7-minute cardio burn of the exercise sequence from round 1, followed by a one-minute break recovery.

Round 3 starts with a 2-minute Lunge Matrix with medicine ball, followed by 5 minutes of core work, and finishing with stretches.

Enjoy a virtual workout today! And remember, you are strong at every level!

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