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Just Breathe

Proper breathing in boxing is important to ensure that you are maximizing each technique’s potential that you are using. Breathing impacts many aspects of a boxer’s fight performance. There are many reasons why proper breathing is something you should be training. We have highlighted a few reasons why proper breathing techniques are a needed element of your boxing game.

  1. It Maintains Stamina- A huge problem for boxers is unoptimized energy expenditure. Every punch a boxer throws, every movement, requires a certain amount of energy to execute. Unfortunately, you only have so much energy in any given bout. Through practicing proper breathing, especially when performing high impact moves on offense and defense, boxers can learn to optimize their energy expenditure. Over the course of a long fight, this could mean the difference between a win and loss. Stamina and conditioning are an important aspect of every boxing match.

  2. It Preserves Energy- Many fights are won on conditioning alone. Therefore, boxers need to dedicate significant time to training. Proper breathing techniques makes sure that you utilize the least amount of energy and effort required to be effective with your techniques. Down the stretch, is where this really matters. If you have more energy than your opponent at the end of fights, you put yourself in a very good position. Proper breathing should be practiced in conjunction with sound technique with a focus on no wasted movements in every fight.

  3. You Will Add Fluidity to Your Movement- Lack of oxygen due to poor breathing practices leads to your muscles not receiving the nutrients they need to perform and flow with efficiency. There is constant movement in boxing. If oxygen isn’t regulated properly in the body, you will tire out quickly. In boxing, this is sometimes called ‘sea legs’, comparing to trying to move underwater. If you practice proper breathing, you can avoid getting sea legs and move more fluidly.

  4. You Will Gain Power- Proper breathing ensures you are maximizing the power behind your punches. Boxers should exhale through the nose sharply every time they throw a punch. The sudden release of oxygen brings in an influx of air immediately once the punch is retracted, feeding nutrients and oxygen back into the muscles. This consistent cycle allows boxers to execute punches while putting power behind it.

Practicing proper breathing early in your training allows you to get into a rhythm and habit that will benefit you in the long run. If you want to move fast, you must breathe fast. Exhaling air through the nose is much faster and sharper then through the mouth. Breathing through your nose slows down the number of times you breathe. Your body will be less tired when you breathe through the nose, making you a better boxer.

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