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Half Way There!

The fact that we're half way through 2019 is baffling! Where did the year go?! But since we're half way in, now is a time to reflect on your goals and your skill set. Have you been training regularly? How does your body feel? How do you feel? All important questions regarding your success and in your health. If any of your answers aren't exactly what you wanted to hear, how are you going to change them?

Self-reflection is an important part to training and understanding yourself as an athlete! Knowing what your body is capable of and feeling strong and confident in your goals can only help push to reach even larger than life achievements down the road.

At Level Red Boxing, our staff is trained to help keep you on track and here to help keep you accountable towards your pathway for success. Each trainer offers a unique experience to their clients, ensuring that you're taken cared for and are enjoying the fruits yourself as well as continuously reaching for new mountains to climb! This gym cares about its clients and looks to build and maintain relationships with its members in the community.

If you're feeling stuck or are a little bummed out about your answers from before, don't be afraid to ask for help to get back on track! This gym is here for you! Seeing people grow as individuals, enjoying the sport of boxing, and becoming healthier in the process is incredibly rewarding to our staff and to your peers training with you. So, step on it before the year is up, let us prove to you that you can be STRONG AT ANY LEVEL.

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