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Feel the BURN

Everyone is always looking for that quick fix diet. And those same people are always told that there is no quick fix. And they're not entirely wrong. There is no quick fix to losing weight. But there are ways to lose weight that are simpler than not. Small changes every day can help alter your health and overall better your body in general. But one of the best things that can help jumpstart your dieting, is by taking up cardio.

Getting your blood pumping, your muscles twitching, and your brain focused, you're already helping your body learn what it's capable of. One sport that's known for its rhythmic movements and cardiovascular characteristics is, no other than, boxing.

According to LiveStrong: "A 155-pound person who spends an hour hitting the heavy bag burns about 422 calories, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services. The same person burns about 633 calories per 60 minutes of sparring in the ring." That's a huge number of calories burned compared to other sports activities. The movements and combinations done in boxing allow the person to work every part of their body. Helping teach it control and discipline. Learning a high intensity sport like this, with a disciplined dynamic is beneficial for the brain and improves cognitive memory. Not only that, but due to the structured learning, it also teaches the brain to learn and intake information in a more unique manner. A large reason for this, also, is due to the stress relief factor of throwing punches and working off your frustrations in the sport.

If burning large amounts of calories sounds like the path to your quick fix routine, then joining Level Red Boxing is the way to go! This gym isn't like any other gym, we build our relationships with our clients while providing a friendly-family like atmosphere. Not only that, our workouts offer full-body toning results that keep you wanting more. Level Red Boxing believes that working out can be easy and fun. So bring a friend and meet with us today!

Let us prove to you that you can be STRONG AT ANY LEVEL.

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