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Dead Bugs for Core Strength

Now that thanksgiving has passed, let's get our bellies ready for the next big holiday and its festivities! It's time to try to burn off some of that turkey to make room for some traditional cookies.

To jump start your workout, allow me to introduce you to the "The Dead Bug" move. This move makes for a great warmup to cardio, plyometrics, or any workout really. It'll strengthen your core all around with simple movements while lying on your back. Now just because it looks easy doesn't mean it won't pack a punch.

This move works your deep inner core: working your transverse abdominis, multifidus, diaphragm, and pelvic floor. This move also helps those that are desk workers- it helps improve mobility and better a person's range of movement.

Interested? Alright let's get started...

To help you master this super move, here are some tips for proper form:

  1. Lie face-up with your arms extended toward the ceiling, directly over your shoulders, and knees bent 90 degrees over hips, calves parallel to floor.

  2. Keeping your shoulders down and feet flexed, engage your core and extend your right arm and left leg away from you.

  3. Tap your heel to floor and return to center.

  4. Immediately repeat on the opposite side.

Additional tips: It doesn't matter what you do to reward yourself, just be sure to remember that you're doing this for YOU and no one else. Everyone needs a little reminder and pick-me-up to keep motivated.

At first, the amount of reps you can complete will be very difficult. But remember, consistency is key to building strength and making this move easier! Enjoy those cookies, and Happy Holidays!

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