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It can be tough to keep track of your goals and maintain that motivation to get to the gym. Some people have taken to sharing and creating social media content about their journey to help boost confidence and create virtual accountability with their progress. This trend has helped produce more body positive motivation and personal goals in individuals.

By creating a fan base, you inspire not only yourself, but others interested in bettering themselves. You provide your followers an insight of your life by offering your own personal steps and processes of living it better. Whether it be you showing your weekly results, your meal that day, or even showing people how to properly perform a workout move, everything and anything applies. Other added benefits of blogging of course includes making new friends all around the world and interchanging tips and tricks of the trade!

Most bloggers start off by creating an Instagram account, and then more advanced bloggers then create Facebook pages dedicated towards health and even website pages discussing their journey. There are many channels and web forums that you can draw inspiration from to help get you started on your journey! If you're not sure where to start, Level Red Boxing can help plan out your routines and help you reach your goals. You can build your fan base right in our gym before you even make your Instagram account!

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